Your sanitary ware idea - our challenge




Tandrup's Water Saving System is used especially in solutions for kitchen and bath

We will get your product to the market fast and at the right price


If you have an idea for a sanitary ware product, Tandrup is the perfect partner for you!

We have the expertise needed to turn your idea into a great product and we are excellent at handling the production and logistics. So if you have an idea, please let us help you turn the idea into a profitable partnership for the both of us.

: Our proven methods for documenting client / product specification will be the basis for our developmental work, which typically consist of 1-3 meetings.

: We have 65+ years of experience in designing bathroom solutions and meeting the needs of customers worldwide. In-house we have a 3D design studio, tooling, and injection moulding capabilities.

: We have test facilities at our production plant in Denmark. Automatic pressure, flow testing, and stress testing can be performed at our site.

: We have the opportunity to produce many components at our facilities in Denmark. However, we are also experts at sourcing, having done so for many years, making our production/sourcing capabilities truly global. This allows us to help you decide how and where to get the product manufactured in whatever way best suited for you.

: We are able to handle all your logistics. So do not worry about storage facilities - we got you covered!

Our goal is to make you comfortable coming to us with your ideas and projects, safe in the knowledge that we can help you get your ideas transformed into products!


We have a tested design method, that will make it easy for you to keep control of costs and give you the ability to safely get your products to the market at the right cost.

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