Tandrup Water Saving System - How to use less water, less energy, protect the environment and save money


Tandrup Water Saving System



There are many good reasons to reduce the water consumption as much as possible.

First of all,
because the world's population is growing dramatically (by about 80.000.000 persons per. year) without the available
fresh water increasing.

Second, because the pattern of rain is changing so more places will experience drought.

Third, because some of the sources (the big glaciers) are shrinking.

And fourth, using less water is the same as using less energy = Less CO2. We all know that we have to reduce the emissions of

CO2 to slow down the climate change as much as possible – and by using
less energy you also save money:

What about the comfort - Is that the same even when we use less water?

Yes – if you use Tandrup's Water Saving System, the user will not notice any kind of reduction in pleasure by taking a shower, washing hands etc. We have special showers developed to give the same comfort even with 6 litres (1.6 US gal) water flow per minute as ”normal” showers and our basin taps with aerator and flow restrictor gives a perfect flow. The water flow will remain the same, regardless of the water pressure.

At the heart of Tandrup’s Intelligent Water Saving System are the small, specially developed watersaving inserts that can be easily fitted into all types of taps, faucets and showers, ensuring an optimal flow of water of 2 to 12 litres per minute (0.53 - 3.2 US gal). And because of the intelligent design and special shape of the inserts, there is no reduction of comfort.

All Tandrup water-saving devices are produced with an ingenious design called pressure compensation, which ensures a constant water flow regardless of the water pressure.

At a pressure of 0 bar, the O-ring will
not be affected. But as the pressure increases, the O-ring will be compressed around the core, so the passageway is restricted. This continues as pressure increases.



As a result, the water flow is constant regardless of the water pressure.

Between 12 and 16 litres (3.2 - 4.2 US gal) of water flow out of an unregulated
tap depending on the water pressure. A Tandrup water flow aerator with
pressure compensation limits the water flow to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 litres
per minute, regardless of the water pressure and how far the tap is opened.


Note: The figure is just principle - not exact design

Please watch the movie below for further explanation about comfort and
water pressure


You can see our water saving products here:


- Tap Aerators, for kitchen and bath
- Inserts for kitchen- and basin taps
- Flow restrictors
- Handheld showers (showers with green Eco-leaf)
- Wall mounted showers (showers with green Eco-leaf)

Did you know:
1) While the world's population tripled in the 20th century, the water consumption during the same period has increased more than six fold.


2) Approximately 35% of a household's water consumption goes to shower / bath and other personal hygiene. It is this 35% that you can reduce by using the Tandrup Water Saving System.

This overview is only generally and will vary from region to region - but the overall figure is approximately the same



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