Disability Award to Tandrup


Disability Award won by Allerød company Johs. Tandrup


The award was presented in recognition of the company's investment in employing vulnerable residents


On the UN's International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 3 December, the Municipality of Allerød's Disability Award was presented to the Allerød company Johs. Tandrup A/S.

"Johs. Tandrup has, in collaboration with Jobcenter Allerød, entered into open dialogue with and employment of several vulnerable residents in the municipality. It is thus a pioneering company, capable of seeing the advantages and benefits for all parties when employing individuals with special challenges in an open and inclusive company," said the Chairman of the Disability Committee, Finn Petersen, during the award ceremony.

He continued:

"Based on Johs. Tandrup's values: 'Mutual respect in everything we do' and 'Job satisfaction for our employees', the Municipality of Allerød and Jobcenter Allerød are delighted that it is possible to include vulnerable residents in the company, to the mutual benefit of all involved parties."

"With this award, the Municipality of Allerød's Disability Committee wishes to recognise the major efforts that Johs. Tandrup A/S has made and we hope that this inclusiveness will continue and that it will lead to other companies in the Municipality of Allerød recognising the benefits of collaborating with Jobcenter Allerød. The companies would then be able to share in the benefits, both human and employment-related, that can be gained from employing vulnerable residents," Finn Petersen added.

The Committee Chairman presented the award certificate and the DKK 2500 prize money, while Disability Committee members from the Town Council - Martin Wolffbrandt and Birgitte Rasmussen - watched together with other members of the Disability Committee.

Manufacturing Manager at Johs. Tandrup A/S, Morten Peter Hansen, expressed gratitude for the award and told the story of the family-owned company with premises at Gydevang and Hejrevang. The company manufactures and sells shower hoses and other shower products and has a total of around 30 employees.

"The company has a special vision when it comes to people, a vision that is passed down from the owners. Our traditions include having breakfast and lunch together and on Fridays we finish at noon, although we work longer on other days," said Morten Peter Hansen.

He was able to inform us that Johs. Tandrup currently employs four people with special challenges, two of whom are residents of Allerød.




Caption: Manufacturing Manager at Johs. Tandrup A/S, Morten Peter Hansen, with the award certificate. Anne, who has been employed by the company for nearly 14 years, is holding the flowers. The two employees are on the left, next to members of the Town Council's Disability Committee, Martin Wolffbrandt and Birgitte Rasmussen. On the right we can see other members of the Disability Committee, with Chairman Finn Petersen at the front, as well as last year's winner, Carsten Hussing.


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