Easy Clean:

The faceplate on a shower consists of many small rubber holes,
which expand, depending on the water pressure.

In this way lime stones and other particles from the water will flush out
when the rubberholes expands.
Did you know?
In 1989 Tandrup became the first company to produce
a self-cleansing hand shower with a integrated rubber
diaphragm, the Easy-Clean system, which now is a must
for other hand shower manufacturers
Easy-clean_RGB Symboler_EasyClean

When you see this symbol it means that
the shower has Easy Clean system (EC)
In many cases the showerhead can also be cleaned quickly by simply rubbing
the fingers over the faceplate.


This is only for illustration - shower head can change

It is very important to keep the faceplate clean if you want a comfortable dush
from the shower. A shower with out Easy Clean system - or in case of too big

lime stones or other particles in the water - can be maintained in this way (PDF)


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