A showerhead with Anti Twist function will not cause any loops or knots at
the hose regardless how many times the showerhead is twisted around the
conection to the hose.


It is the special connector between showerhead and hose which 
gives this extra benefit.

The following shows how to connect the showerhead with Anti Twist
connection to the hose:

Did you know?
Tandrup was the first company to produce showers
with the unique bayonet fixing principle, and since a
slider bar with a double action push lever function,
enabling both children and disabled people to adjust
the shower height with ease, has been added to the
product range along with our unique intelligent water
saving system.
AntiTwist_1 AntiTwist_2
1) The Anti-Twist Connector is located at  the handle end of the shower 2) Press the locking ring down in the  
handle to release the connector
AntiTwist_3 AntiTwist_4
3) Pull the connector out of the handle 4) The Anti Twist connector is now out
AntiTwist_5 AntiTwist_6
5) Screw the connector to the hose.
Remember to use a washer to seal
the connector to the hose
6) Push the hose with the Anti Twist
connector into the shower-handle
AntiTwist_7 You can downlad the instructions here as a PDF file
7) Press the locking ring back to
its original position

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